Committee to Elect Danny Rogers for Sheriff | PO Box 7012 | Greensboro, NC 27417

For Immediate Release

“A Positive Change for All Citizens of Guilford County”

This is an official announcement that Danny H. Rogers will file to run for Sheriff of Guilford County in February 2018. Danny continues to believe that major changes are needed in the Sheriff’s Office for better community safety, citizen protection, and confidence in law enforcement. These changes include:

Driving a proactive, transparent, accountable, and properly accredited Sheriff’s Office as a foundation to better serve and protect all of the residents of Guilford County.

Implementing effective community policing will be a strategic priority to better engage the residents resulting in more safety, less crime, and better outcomes.

Building trust, communication, and community interaction opportunities amongst residents and law enforcement will foster lasting relationships that support the overall health of the communities.

Reducing inmate recidivism with a renewed focus to generate a long-lasting impact on the former inmates as they become productive citizens while also providing for more safety and tax dollar savings for the entire community.

Launching new initiatives within the Sheriff’s Office focused on developing and retaining officers to improve morale and reduce the cost of attrition.

Emphasizing more effective hiring practices and promotional opportunities within the Sheriff’s Office resulting in a more inclusive, diverse, and productive team at all levels.


  • RESTORE agency accountability and accreditation

  • CREATE safer outcomes with community policing

  • REBUILD law enforcement and citizen relationships

  • SAVE tax dollars through recidivism reduction

  • REDUCE officer attrition rates

  • DEVELOP equitable employment practices


Danny Rogers, as a native of Guilford County, was born in High Point and has lived in the community for over 50 years. He attended and graduated from Southwest Guilford High School. Danny has worked as both a sworn and non-sworn law enforcement officer in Guilford County. He has served with the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office as a Detention Officer and as a Deputy Sheriff in roles that include vice and undercover operations. He has worked as a Police Officer with High Point Police Department. In the private sector, Danny is currently a small business owner of two successful companies. He built a contract janitorial services/landscaping business from the ground up along with being the proud proprietor of a successful restaurant/food truck business.

Danny was raised by a single mother in the High Point, North Carolina. At the age of 10, his first job was working a paper route. He spent many hours at the local Carl Chavis YMCA and the Boys and Girls Club. He benefited from having mentors such as Fred Wright Sr., his Boy Scout Leader, and Hank Wall, founder of Brothers Organized to Serve Others (BOTSO). Both were major influences in his life and helped him understand the concept, “It takes a village to raise a child.”

Danny’s law enforcement background, personal experiences, and educational background afford him a unique perspective. He has earned the perspective to see the criminal justice system through the lens of both the law enforcement officer working diligently to keep our community safe and the average resident striving to be a productive member of the community while preserving their reputation and integrity. These experiences have helped Danny to develop both a respect for law enforcement and a passion for helping others with the realization that our mistakes should refine us, not define us.

Danny earned his Master of Science Degree in Criminal Justice Leadership and Executive Management from Walden University in 2017, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from ECPI University in 2013, and an Associate Degree in Theology from Team Works Bible College in 2008

Danny Rogers is married to Dr. Ruthie Rogers and the couple has six children. He is a member of Love and Faith Christian Fellowship. Danny currently resides in Jamestown.


There continue to be many law enforcement challenges for the residents of Guilford County to include the constant battle to reduce crime, to provide safe streets and neighborhoods, the battle against illegal drugs entering our communities, the impacts of drug addiction, mental health issues and consequence, and the impacts of higher inmate recidivism rates.

As the Sheriff of Guilford County, I will work every day, in every community, to serve and protect all residents from the challenges, known and unknown, and to create stronger, healthier, and safer neighborhoods.